The Wallaceburg Skating Club was organized in 1955 with the help of area manager, Frank Mabey.   In the first year, forty-two skaters turned out after being inspired by Barbara Ann Scott – Canada’s Skating Queen – who visited the Wallaceburg Memorial Arena for its grand opening.

Pat Sherwood McPhee was the original instructor and with the help of volunteer parents formed the club with the first club president being Archie Hoggarth.  For many years youth from Wallaceburg and the surrounding area benefited from the efforts of the Club and its dedicated board members and volunteers.   Early Presidents included Edsel Steen, Bill Asselstine, Isabel Holmes, Gordon and Albertine Modde, Don Bortolotto and Marty Dauw all of whom guided the Club through the early years.  In addition Mrs. Joan Welch and Mrs. Garraway were dedicated volunteers who made many of the costumes for the annual carnival which was, and continues to be, the highlight of the year.

Through the ongoing support of volunteers the Club grew through the 70s and 80s having over 150 members participating in both group and private instruction.  Coach Dave Matthewson was instrumental in developing a more competitive and advance Club at that time which allowed Wallaceburg to produce its own Gold Medalists – many of whom stayed with the club in a coaching capacity.

As the Club evolved so too did the instructional programs and the events.  In addition to the year-end carnival the Christmas show, Skate-A-Thon, Halloween Party, Family Skate and Intra-Club Competition have become regular events that allow our skaters to work on their skills in a fun atmosphere.

As in previous years our current Board members, coaches and volunteers continue to support our skaters through the Skate Canada CanSkate and STARSkate programs.  The efforts of these groups allowed the Club to become one of the first clubs in Canada to implement the revised CanSkate program in 2012 and these efforts continue to allow kids of all ages to progress in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Past Presidents

Mr. William Asselstine

Mr. Don Bortolotto

Mrs. Marina Boyes

Mrs. Marty Dauw

Mrs. Jayne Dawe

Mr. Dean Ewing

Mrs. MaryAnne Fetterly

Mr. Archie Hoggarth

Mrs. JR Holmes

Mrs. Kris Lee

Mrs. Brenda Mann

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Modde

Mrs. Linda Olah

Mrs. Sandra Slaney

Mr. Edsel Steen

Mr. Don Truan

Mrs. Dorothy White

Mrs. Bonnie Winger

Dr. William Currier

Mrs. Jenn Nutt

Mrs. Carrie VanCollie

Mrs. Randi Hull

Past & Present Coaches

JoAnne Saville Batten

Patti Modde Blondia

Veronica Broad

Debbie Colbrook

Carol Coltman

Deb Bortolotto Dauw

Judy Harnsworth

Christine Luckhurst

Cindy Bortolotto Matthews

Dave Matthewson

Sandra Johnston McDougall

Cathy Overdulve

Korean LeMesurier

Sandra Turner Meredith

Rhonda Negri

Cathy Shaw

Janet Brewer Shepley

Jackie Gibson Smith

Dennis Silverthorn

Shawna Travis

Gladys White

Darlene Wilson

Alisa VanDamme

Gold Medalists

Patti Modde Blondia

Deb Bortolotto Dauw

Cindy Bortolotto Matthews

Sandra Johnston McDougall

Alisha Dauw

Alexa Burm

Lisa Fox

Karin Lee

Nancy Pollard

Cindy Shepley

Erin Shaw

Kelly Blondia

Tiffany Dauw

Brittany Heath

Marit Lee

Amanda Rankin

Vicky Talbot

Tamara Dawe

Tiffany Knight

Laura Mann

Emily Lane

Bethany Rudakas

Mazin Thomas

Jennifer Perkin

Laura Perkin

Heather Perkin

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