To help you become familiar with the Canskate program, you will find important information about the program listed below:

Please make sure that there is an adult accompanying your child at the arena.  It is important to have someone responsible for skaters in case of an emergency.

Skaters should dress warmly however please refrain from wearing clothing with drawstrings, dangling belts or scarves, as these items can be a safety hazard on the ice.

Skate Canada policy requires all Canskaters wear a CSA approved hockey helmet on the ice up to and including Stage 5. 

Skaters have more fun and advance faster if they have the proper equipment.  Some things to look for when getting skates:

Skate should fit comfortably.  Skater should be able to wiggle toes slightly.

Heels shouldn’t move more than ¼ inch in the skate.

When laced up you should be able to get the tip or your finger between the back of skate and the leg.

Excess laces should not be wrapped around the skate but be either cut off or double knotted. 

Skate guards should be used when not on the ice.

Sharpen skates periodically.



1. Parents and guests are not allowed on the ice surface.  If you need assistance for any reason, please see a WSC board member in the lobby.

2. If you need to speak to our coaches please wait until the session has ended so that lessons are not interrupted.

3. Skaters are not allowed on the ice surface until the Zamboni doors have been closed by an arena employee.

4. Doors to the ice surface must remain closed during skating sessions.

5. Skaters are to use the dressing rooms to put on skates.  Please do not use the canteen area.  Canskaters and Juniors have the use of dressing room #5Senior skaters are to use dressing room #4.

6. Name Tags will need to signed in and out at table in lobby by parent.  They are required to be worn on ice by Canskaters. 


After successfully completing the Canskate program skaters choosing to continue on proceed to our Starskate program. 

StarSkate stands for Skills, Tests, Achievement, and Recognition. This Skate Canada program offers opportunities for skaters to develop basic figure skating skills with the option of taking Skate Canada Tests.

The StarSkate program is divided into four separate disciplines: Free Skate, Skills, Ice Dance, and Interpretive.  These disciplines are sub-divided by level:  Preliminary, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Wallaceburg Skating Club Starskate program is divided into two groups based on skating ability, Junior Starskate and Senior Starskate.


Once skaters have accomplished Stages 1 to 5 they are ready for our Junior Starskate group.  Junior level focuses on preparing skaters for standardized testing set out by Skate Canada. 

Junior Group is taught in a format that follows the Canskate style the skaters are familiar with but the goal of moving toward independent practise.  Jr. Group  skaters will be expected to spend small amounts of time at independent practise.  Group lessons are meant to teach general figure skating skills and the Preliminary testing level, and are not geared toward individual skaters.  

Private instruction time is available for skaters who want to work one on one with a coach and work on individual skills, or who have advanced past the preliminary test level in one or more disciplines.  Jr. Private skaters need to have obtained a coach.   For more information please refer to the section on “Private lessons”.   

Skaters remain in the Junior program until they have passed Preliminary Skills and all three Preliminary Ice Dances.  Please note that there are age restrictions for the Senior Starskate group.  Skaters who do not fall within the age restrition stay in the Junior group level.  


To qualify for Senior Starskate, skaters must be working on Junior Bronze or higher in Dance and Skills and/or meet the age restriction.  Senior skaters do not receive group lessons therefore must have a private coach.  Payment of lessons is paid directly to the coach.  Please see “Private Lessons” for more information.


The Wallaceburg Skating Club strives to keep the cost of skating as low as possible.  The following information is provided for you so you understand where your fees are being used.  Registration fees cover the following:

CANSKATE:                                   Skate Canada Registration                Insurance           Ice rental             Coaching 

JUNIOR GROUP:                           Skate Canada Registration                Insurance           Ice rental             Coaching

JUNIOR PRIVATE/SENIOR:         Skate Canada Registration                Insurance           Ice rental                                            

If during the skating season a skater has passed all requirements of their category (Canskate/Jr), and are moving up to the next category, additional fees may need to be submitted in order to change categories.   In this event you will be notified prior to the change as to fees.  You can choose to have your skater remain in the category they are in for the remainder of the year.

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